The first-ever data-driven patent strategy tool for a systematic approach to managing an IP portfolio

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® for Corporations

Precise, effective patent prosecution

Understand why certain patent applications take longer than others to reach allowance

Cut through the maze of patent prosecution with examiner and art unit metrics based on detailed information from the fi­le histories of more than six million patent applications containing more than ten million offi­ce actions.

See why NuVasive® turned to LexisNexis PatentAdvisor for immediate context and insight into an uncertain prosecution process

Improve efficiency

A strategic approach to patent prosecution

Improve efficiency with a strategic approach to patent prosecution from the leading provider of patent data analytics in the industry.

Easily manage your entire portfolio

Save data sets, then measure and compare actions over time.

Easily manage your entire portfolio more effectively with visualization and filtering tools designed to help fine tune your patent acquisition strategy and better analyze and manage your portfolio performance.

Identify at-risk patents

Set custom alerts

Identify at-risk patents so you can adjust your strategy to save time and money. Set custom alerts for selected patterns of events to zero in applications that need the most attention.

Customize your approach to patent prosecution

Actionable data and analytics

Customize your approach to patent prosecution with actionable data and analytics framed within the context of the entire patent office to support your patent prosecution strategy in real time.

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