IP Services for File Histories, Patent Translations and Ancillary Products

모든 특허 절차나 소송에 필요한 광범위한 정보, 문헌, 독점 보고서를 받아 보십시오.

IP Services

25여 년 동안 지적 재산 보호의 요구에 부응

특허 소송 또는 심사 과정에 도움이 필요하시면 IP Services에 조사를 의뢰하십시오. 다양한 정보, 문서 및 독점적 보고서를 제공해드립니다. IP Services는 1992년 이래 지식 재산 지원서비스를 선도해왔습니다.

미국 특허 출원 경과정보

광범위한 USPTO 및 해외특허 출원 이력 보유

인용 참조자료 포함 또는 미포함, 상위 사건 또는 비특허 문헌 등을 옵션으로 선택할 수 있습니다. 북마크된 파일을 제공하며, 종이 사본에는 색인표를 적용하여 제본합니다. 최대의 미국 특허 출원 이력정보를 보유하고 있는 사설기관의 하나로서 몇 분 내에 다수의 자료를 여러분의 데스크탑으로 보내드릴 수 있습니다. IP Services는 전세계의 정보 네트워크를 보유하고 있으므로 해외특허 출원 이력도 제공할 수 있습니다.

특허 관련 정보는 IP Services에 요구하는 것이 가장 좋습니다. 다른 업체는 이용하지 않을 것입니다.

만족한 고객

전문가의 매뉴얼 번역

모든 언어를 지원하며 급행 주문도 가능합니다.

매뉴얼 번역 서비스는 선행 기술 조사, USPTO 특허 출원, 국제 제출용 특허 출원 및 FDA 의약 신청 분야에 경험이 풍부한 번역자와 편집자들이 수행합니다.

전문가 번역 및 기계 번역

해외특허 문서를 저렴한 가격으로 기계 번역

아래의 국가의 경우 기계로 번역한 특허 문서전문이 있습니다.JP, KR, EP, WO, CN, DE, FR, GB, AT, AU, BE, BR, CH, DD, DK, EA, ES, FI, IE, IN, IT, LU, MC, MX, NL, RU, SE, SU, TW

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Hand Deliveries

Documents delivered to the USPTO

When you need your important documents delivered to the USPTO, you can rely on LexisNexis IP Services to provide that service for only $20.00 per trip. We will also provide a time/date stamped receipt of the delivery for your records.

Patent Proofing Process

Our Patent Proofing process compares the entire granted Patent against the File History available from the USPTO. We offer not only a complete character-by-character proof of the full document, but also check all front page and bibliographic information.

Some of the items we verify include:

Continuing Data & Priority Information
PCT Data
Related U.S. Application Data
Class & Subclass
Field of Search
Terminal Disclaimer
U.S., Foreign and other Refs .
Primary & Assistant Examiners
Attorney, Agent or Firm
Abstract & Amendments
Print Figure(s)
Drawings and Amended Drawings
Color Drawings

We offer a full character-by-character comparison of the Specification and Claim set “as filed” versus “as issued,” including all amendments.

Our finished product is delivered both electronically and by courier (e.g.,Highlighted and Tabbed).

LexisNexis IP Services, a division of Reed Technology and Information Services (the data compositor to the USPTO), is able to leverage a depth of institutional knowledge on Patent composition that simply does not exist elsewhere in the world. We are able to offer an exceptional level of service at an affordable cost.

Contact Customer Service for more information at 1-800-422-1337.

Patent Proofing Service

25여 년 동안 지적 재산 보호의 요구에 부응

A Patent confers a set of exclusive rights to you or your client for the inventive concept described within its text. The accuracy of the Specification and Claims are important, as is the inclusion of amendments, correct company name, inventor names, prior-art and continuing data.

Prior Art Searches

Our searchers have many years of experience in specialized research and estimates on cost and timing are provided for each order

Whether you have a highly technical & complex matter that you need a right-to-use/clearance search done on, or a “routine” novelty search, Reed Tech IP Services can do the prior art searching for you and deliver expert, on-point results.

Our patent search reports are competitively priced and are delivered both by email and courier. The printed version contains copies of the cited prior art, with relevant portions highlighted and tabbed for your convenience.

Our searches encompass the United States, Great Britain, WIPO, European Patents & Patent Abstracts of Japan. We search by patent class/subclass and keywords.

Search Types Available

Patentability Search

Our standard patentability search is intended to locate patents which help you to determine the patentability, novelty, and non-obviousness of your invention. If feasible, we search both the utility and design features of your invention. This provides you with the option of pursuing both design and utility patent protection. This common search finds the most related prior-art patents pertinent to the patentability of your invention. Typically, 5-15 prior-art patents are found and may serve as a basis for a patentability opinion, and are submitted in an invention disclosure statement with your patent applications filing.

Right to Use/Clearance Search

A right to use or clearance search normally includes a complete infringement search through unexpired U.S. patents which could present a possible infringement problem with respect to the invention at issue, and a very limited validity search through both expired and unexpired patents and publications which might be used to invalidate any patents that might cause an infringement situation. Another reason in locating expired patents is to provide proof that an invention is already in the public domain.

Technical Literature Search

A technical literature search involves the review non-patent documents from online computer databases. The non-patent documents may include magazines, newspapers, journals, and other documents.

Validity Search

A validity search is designed to locate prior art patents which predates the effective filing date of the patent being investigated and which may be used to challenge the validity of the claims in that patent. A proper validity search will address each and every claim of the patent under scrutiny, and all relevant patents discovered will be reviewed in Shepherd’s Citations to assist you in your analysis. A validity search can serve as a basis for a legal opinion against infringement or as due diligence prior to selling or license a patent. File wrappers can be obtained and reviewed when authorized.

Collection Search

A collection search will normally involve the collecting of ALL U.S. patents relating to a particular invention or subject matter. Any patent that is relevant to the invention will be included. This type of search can produce from 20 to 300 patents, depending on the scope of the invention. This search can be limited by specifying certain years, limiting the number of located patents, specifying assignees or inventors, or providing more specific information on the invention.

Assignment/Patentee Search

An assignment search discovers patents that were assigned at issue or after issue to a particular company or entity. An abstract of title can be obtained for a patent, at an additional charge.
A patentee search discovers patents that were invented by a particular person.

Infringement Search

An infringement search normally involves the careful review of unexpired U.S. patents to locate claims which read on the invention at issue. Additionally, analogous art areas are also investigated and supplied to assist you to address the issue of contributory infringement. The most relevant patents will be reviewed in Shepherd’s Citations to assist you in your analysis.

State of the Art Search

A state of the art search is directed to finding patents that represents the general state of art (technology) to a particular type of invention or subject matter. A state of the art search is similar to a collection search but the searcher is allowed judgment in selecting patents. This type of search normally locates patents from the last 15 to 20 years, including published patent applications.

Trademark Search

A trademark search involves the review of trademarks having a similar mark, and in similar goods and services, as your product name. Federal and state trademarks can be reviewed.

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